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Blankenheim Services helps companies reduce the negative impact workplace injuries have on the bottom line and the lives of their associates. By combining the perspectives of engineering/ergonomics, physical/occupational therapy, safety and human resources along with a knowledge of OSHA standards and Worker’s Compensation administration practices, Blankenheim Services has created a suite of services that help to prevent or avoid ergonomic/musculoskeletal injuries and manage injuries more successfully when they do occur. This unique approach and suite of services is called Ergonomically Based Injury Management®.

Founded in 1995 in Appleton Wisconsin, Blankenheim Services has grown significantly and built a solid reputation in business and industry by effectively integrating our services to meet client needs. Blankenheim Services’ professional staff includes engineers, ergonomic specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, safety professionals and HR professionals. Blankenheim Services has set up and staffs over 70 on-site clinics within client facilities nation-wide, and regularly consults with many more. In addition to a regular staff of over 50 employees, Blankenheim Services has a network of close to 200 physical and occupational therapists nation-wide to help deliver programs and services.

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Ergonomically Based Injury Management®

Job Analysis

Blankenheim Services’ approach is an in-depth examination of jobs in a facility that identifies and ranks ergonomic risks by body part, and offers recommendations for mitigating risks. The data in the assessments is stored on a web-based application, ErgoFactor® which gives employers easy access to data that can assist with: ergonomic project tracking, return to work planning, preliminary causation analysis, designing safe job rotations and supporting pre-employment testing.

Rehab Response

A Blankenheim Services therapist is on-site at a facility each week to see employees at the first sign of musculoskeletal discomfort. The issue is identified and treated in ways that do not create OSHA recordables and the employee is coached in self-management of the issue. In 96% of the cases, an employee seen in Rehab Response does not need to go to an outside medical provider.

Skilled Therapy

With an on-site Blankenheim Services therapist, if an employee sees a doctor and receives orders for physical therapy it can be provided right at the on-site clinic. This allows employers to gain control over worker’s compensation costs while providing their employees with immediate access to professional care.

Case Facilitation

Proper communication with all internal and external stakeholders is a key part of effectively managing an injury and can be the most important step in reducing claims and controlling costs. Blankenheim Services’ Case Facilitation services can: assist the company in being proactive in case management, work with the outside medical community by providing pertinent job information when they see an employee, facilitate effective return-to-work approaches, assist in using productive work to help facilitate recovery.

Post Offer/Pre-Employment (POPE) Testing

Blankenheim Services’ POPE testing model is designed to ensure all new hires are placed into positions they can adequately perform without injuring themselves or others. This proactive approach has resulted in reduced OSHA recordable injuries, turnover rate, training costs, administrative time, and associated costs for employers. In one year, Blankenheim Services performed over 1,100 tests for a client, with only one OSHA recordable developing within the first year of hire.

Meta-Posture™ Program

Blankenheim Services has developed the Meta-Posture™ program as an efficient model to prevent musculoskeletal discomfort. The program consists of eight postures developed to prepare workers for a wide variety of physical tasks. Blankenheim Services’ program is unique compared to typical stretch programs because of the full-body features of each posture and because each posture includes aspects that strengthen the antagonist and accessory muscles, lengthen the agonists and foster proper joint and nerve health. In a pilot study, 78% of employees improved their lifting mechanics, fewer musculoskeletal complaints were reported and employees reported feeling more energized, having better posture and more flexibility.

Remote Rehab Response

Blankenheim Services developed the Remote Rehab Response program to assist employees at the first sign of musculoskeletal or soft tissue discomfort. A first-aid and therapy trained expert will help triage the issue, and offer advice and education to the employee for self-care via a telephone conference or video chat. This preventative program is meant to increase access to expert care early-on, thereby improving outcomes for employees and reducing costs for employers.
If you are conducting a video meeting with one of our experts, please click here to access the Remote Rehab Response online waiting room.
For more information about this program, please contact us.

United Academy

Blankenheim Services has partnered with United Academy, a comprehensive safety training solution powered by industry leader United Rentals, to provide our Meta-Posture™ program. To register for this or other types of safety training, please visit the United Academy website to check out their course catalog. The Meta-Posture™ program can be found in the Jobsite Safety catalog category.

"Our Mission is to add value to our clients’ operations and improve the quality of life for their workers."

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